MEMBER NOTICE: Thursday, Sept. 9th meeting will be in Tavares for this…

CALL TO ACTION: Rally to Zero Hospital Tax Millage

Thursday, September 9th at 5 PM
County Commission Chambers-Lake County Administration Building
315 W Main St
Tavares, FL 32778

If you’d like to provide public input, be sure to submit a speaker card prior to the hearing.

Preliminary Budget Hearing for the North Lake County Hospital District begins at 5:30 PM.


Initially created to provide indigent care in the early 1960’s, the North Lake County Hospital District imposes an additional 1 mil tax on every property owner in the Northern half of Lake County. The tax equals $100 per $100,000 dollars of taxable value of real property. In recent years the tax on property owner’s averages $8-12 million annually. During its nearly 70 years of existence the tax has totaled several hundred million dollars and is projected to continue to redirect tens of millions of dollars from property owners.

This archaic system of taxation was devised decades ago before the introduction of multiple government funding schemes like Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act. Today, with only six of sixty-seven counties in Florida operating a special hospital taxing district, the North Lake County Hospital District continues to administer corporate welfare (taxpayer dollars) directly to private business entities that already enjoy bountiful tax breaks from the public in exchange for their service to the indigent. Those significant tax breaks, in the form of property tax exemptions, sales tax exemptions and income tax exemptions, amount to millions of dollars annually which are being borne by the taxpayer but hidden from public view by their obscurity.

OPPOSE CORPORATE WELFARE, wherever it exists, whether you are a north Lake resident or a south Lake resident, join us to Rally to Zero Hospital Tax Millage.

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