The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida’s (RLCFL) initiative to establish a Freedom Caucus in the Florida House brings strong liberty-minded representation to the forefront in Tallahassee. For this reason, Mike Levine has been endorsed by the RLCFL for State House District 26 in the August 29th Primary Election.

“Florida is my home. As a God-fearing patriot and lifelong Floridian, I will do everything possible to fight against the socialist and Marxist agendas that wish to infiltrate our great state. We do not need more politicians, we need fearless conservatives who are not afraid to stand up to those who refuse to put Florida first,” Mike Levine.

The Republican Liberty Caucus Lake-Sumter proudly stands with the RLCFL to encourage voters in the August 20th Primary Election to vote for Mike Levine for Florida House District 26.

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