Trump Car Parade

    June 22, 2024 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

    North Lake June 22 assemble at Lake Square Mall (10401 US 441) Leesburg) in southeast corner of parking lot.

    SUPPLIES: Trump, American and/or Don’t Tread On Me flags. Multiple flags on vehicle are great. Bring water, friends, family, patriotic music if you have and enthusiasm. Also bring extra flag attaching materials such as tape and string.

    INSTRUCTIONS: Be on time: Five minutes early is LATE. Stay in your vehicle until you are lined up by person in red vest. You’ll be given red ribbons to securely tie to exterior rear view mirrors and antenna or rear window wiper and a map with parade route.

    TRAVELING: Keep vehicles tight. Discourage “others” from breaking our ranks; remember some “others” need to turn right. Blow horns, wave and smile. Follow directions from road guards(red vests). We’ll wait for stragglers who are caught in traffic or red lights; so don’t get discouraged and stop at the BAR. Stay with parade until the end.


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