Thanks to you and many other liberty minded folks across Florida, these horrible guns bills were defeated this session.

SB 7028 Public Safety: Increased Background Checks and Expanded Red Flag Law

HB 311/SB 728 Threats

HB 183/SB 1524 Prohibited Places for Weapons and Firearms: These bills would have permitted elected officials to carry concealed weapons in public meetings over which they preside, such as city council and county commission meetings. Opposition to this bill was because the Legislature should not give special privileges to elected officials while denying citizens the same right to conceal carry in a public meeting.

HB 201/SB 652 Urban Gun Violence Task Force

We certainly dodged a bullet considering when session began we had a Republican Senate President and a Republican Committee Chairman committed to passing more gun control bills for purely political reasons.

Understanding what we were up against, we organized a two-day Lobby Days face-to-face visit with our Senators and Representatives in Tallahassee, mailed over six thousand #NoMoreGunControl postcards to Senate President Galvano and Chairman Lee and staged fifteen Gun Rights Preservation Forums across Florida with over sixteen hundred attending. Simultaneously, nearly half of the sixty-seven counties in Florida each passed resolutions declaring their county to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

In addition, and most importantly, many other liberty minded groups and individuals across our state launched a relentless phone call, email and social media campaign enduring through the last day of session.

You are all to be congratulated. It worked this cycle. However, as we know, liberty demands constant vigilance. We must not rest, for our next cycle is upon us.

In liberty,

Andy Dubois
Chair, Republican Liberty Caucus Lake-Sumter
352-874-5084 |


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